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Fairtrade Fortnight events in Horsham
Fairtrade Coffee Morning St. John's Church

 Big Brew Fairtrade Event

Saturday 10th March, 10am to noon, St John's RC Church Hall, Springfield Road Horsham. 

Fairtrade Cakes Tea and Coffee will be served.


FairKind Child Fairtrade Coffee and treats.

Throughout Fairtrade Fortnight FairKind Child will be serving Fairtrade Coffee and Fairtrade Treats while the shop is open from 9:30 till 5:30 at 26 Piries Place, Horsham. 

Big Brew Fairtrade Coffee, Tea and Cakes at Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham.

Fairtrade refreshments will be available after Sunday Services on 4th and 11th March 2018. 

Past Events.

Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market
Buying Fairtrade gives third world producers a merry Christmas

Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market

25th November 2017


The Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market was very well attended with its unusual Fairtrade products attracting a constant stream of buyers.  Many of the products were from poorer countries where the Fairtrade support makes a real difference to the lives of their communities.  Buying presents which are certified as Fairtrade means that both the recipient and producer benefit from your generosity.  The market made £200 for Fairtrade Horsham after expenses such as room hire, advertising printing, and other costs.  The annual market in St. Johns RC Church hall provides the only income for the organisation which it needs to continue to support events in 2018, Fairtrade West Sussex and the Fairtrade Foundation.  

Sainsbury's  Fairly Traded Tea
Fairtrade Horsham was part of the national day of action on 28th October 2017 to highlight the difference between Fairtrade and Sainsbury’s Fairly Traded initiative.  Four Sainsbury’s own brand teas are no longer certified as Fairtrade by the Fairtrade Foundation but have been marked as Fairly Traded.



Despite the glowing endorsement on the packet of red label, the Fairtrade Foundation highlight two important differences between Sainsbury’s Fairly Traded and Fairtrade.

The first is that Sainsbury’s control the cash bonus (which replaces the Fairtrade premium) which is to be spent on improving the supply chain, improving the Sainsbury’s product, package tea locally to increase its value, and provide expert advice to farmers to grow different crops to reduce the effect of global warming on their single crop.  Farming communities have to apply to London for this money.  The Fairtrade premium was always given to the Farming communities who nearly always used it to improve health or children’s education.

The Second main difference is that the price, ecology, cash bonus and worker conditions are no longer independently controlled and only overseen by Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s CEO has stated that one purpose of creating this new ecology standard is to simplify and clarify the plethora of standards.   But how can moving from Fairtrade, which is the best known ecological standard, and has been growing for 20 years, to a new Sainsbury’s unique standard be simpler?  I conclude that the motive is to improve Sainsbury’s profits.

When we talked to people outside Sainsbury’s on Saturday at least one shopper thought that Sainsbury’s Red Label tea was still certified as Fairtrade when it says Fairly Traded. This confirms the Fairtrade Foundation’s concern that Sainsbury’s are abusing the reputation of Fairtrade which has been built up over 20 years.  It is only Fairtrade when it has the Fairtrade Logo.


Fairtrade Horsham in Horsham Park on 9th July 2017. 

During the Horsham Festival in Horsham park on 9th July 2017 Dave from Fairtrade Horsham explained the issues with Sainsbury's plan to introduce Fairly Traded Tea to replace Fairtrade Tea.


The Fairtrade Foundation independently certifies products and puts their fairtrade mark on the products.  80% of the buying public trust that this mark ensures farmers are protected from exploitation by guaranteeing the price, protecting the environment and funding the Fairtrade premium which farming cooperatives decide how to spend.  Sainsburys plan to remove Red and Gold label tea from the Fairtrade certification scheme to be replaced by Sainsbury’s own certification scheme, in order to take control of the spending decisions.  

There will still be a community fund but farmers will have to apply for it from Sainsburys in London.  Not only will this be difficult but Sainsburys have different objectives than the farming communities.  Sainsbury’s objectives are to; improve the Supply chain, assist farming communities to support Sainsburys with better products, and enable local communities to package the tea to increase its value. 

The farming communities consider Sainsbury’s move to be a return to the old colonial days with all the control returning to London.

Sainsburys consider the Fairly Traded Tea certification to be a trial of a new business model which they intend to roll out to other products in the future.

Fairtrade Horsham considers that the public will be confused by the similarity between Fairtrade certification and Sainsburys’ Fairly Traded products, especially when the brand name remains Red and Gold Label.  It could be argued that Sainsbury has used the Fairtrade mark to increase sales and now intends to reduce the standard and hoodwink the public into thinking they are the same as Fairtrade Foundation certified products. 


Fairtrade event on 4th March 2017 in unit 49 of Swan Walk, Horsham(opposite The Brunch Café).

This was one event of thousands taking place throughout the UK during Fairtrade Fortnight (27th February to 12th March 2017).  This year's theme is to have a fairtrade snack in your break.

Fairtrade Horsham offered free smoothies made on a smoothie bike out of Fairtrade ingredients.

One interesting question posed is whether you would still eat a snack if you could see the environmental damage that is caused by it's production.  Clearly if the pollution or exploitation was visible on the snack then your would not eat it, but because we cannot see the exploitation of the farmers, or his land, then we eat without thinking about the consequence to others.  Products showing the Fairtrade mark do not exploit farmers or their environment.  We can choose Fairtrade to ensure farmers have a fair price for their efforts to provide our food.  

Fairtrade West Sussex celebration Pulborough Village hall 9th March 2017, 7:00pm.

Fairtrade Horsham is one of 7 Fairtrade towns which sponsor Fairtrade West Sussex in these county wide events.  This celebration will include an inspirational talk by Greg Valerio who is a renown author and main mover behind the Fairtrade Gold campaign which has created a recognised gold mark for jewellery which meets the Fairtrade standards. Would you wear a ring which made the miner or processor sick, or polluted his land, or paid him so little he could not afford food or education for his children?  

 The Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market was a great success on Saturday 26th November 2016 at St. Johns RC Church Hall. 

The traders enjoy the friendly Horsham atmosphere and sold a lot of unusual fairtrade gifts.  The traders were  Kor SigaLove That Stuff,  Mary Crerar,  Moyna BridgeNi Ka DeluxOxfam,  Peridata,  Script,  Stella Walls for CafodTamasheqVineyard Fairtrade Shop,  and Corrie Cort.

The were children's games and the donations for face painting were added to the proceeds of the Café so in total £550 was given to Medicins San Frontier.

The Fairtrade Smoothie Bike was a great success. 300 free smoothies were enjoyed on Saturday 28th February as part of the 2015 Fairtrade fortnight celebrations in Swan Walk organised by Fairtrade Horsham. All ages took turns to pedal the human powered liquidiser to make smoothies from fruit donated by the local supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Tescos, and The Cooperative.

More information about Fairtrade West Sussex

West Sussex Celebrated achieving the criteria to become a Fairtrade County on Friday 11th March 2016.  The Fairtrade West Sussex Group hosted a talk by Michael Jary, the Chairman of the board of trustees of the Fairtrade Foundation in the Capitol Theatre, Horsham.  There were displays from the Fairtrade towns within West Sussex.  About 100 people including mayors and MPs toasted the success of West Sussex in achieving the goals required to become a fairtrade town.  The goals can be summarised as:
1. Having a steering group including a county councillor.
2. More than 50% of the population living in Fairtrade towns in the county.
3. The county council having passed a motion supporting Fairtrade both for purchasing and promoting Fairtrade. 

The Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market was a great success on Saturday 28th November 2015 at St. Johns RC Church Hall.
The market once again sold fairtrade products from producers in poorer countries who benefit from the strict Fairtrade Foundation rules which ensure a sustainable price and social premium for the local community.  

The Market Cafe made £343 for Medicins san Frontiers, the medical charity which supports poor and war torn regions of the world.

The Fairtrade Smoothie Bike was a great success. 300 free smoothies were enjoyed on Saturday 28th February as part of the Fairtrade fortnight celebrations in Swan Walk organised by Fairtrade Horsham. All ages took turns to pedal the human powered liquidiser to make smoothies from fruit donated by the local supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Tescos, and The Cooperative.

By introducing this year's message, "The Power of You" in a fun and novel way before engaging with the shoppers with the main message, that choosing Fairtrade goods in their shops provides a real benefit to the worlds poorest producers. We used examples of lives being improved and saved by the Fairtrade social premium given to communities for them to decide how best to improve their society, whether it was a new water well, schooling, an ambulance, or even a motorbike for the local farmer's representative to get to the meetings and negotiate a doubling of the income of the villiage. All made possible by "the power of you" to choose Fairtrade products.

Meanwhile The Carbon Cafe in Swan Walk was busy distributing further information about Fairtrade as well as how to reduce your home's energy use. Sainsbury's displayed a large range of their Fairtrade products in the Carbon Cafe including Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, fruit and flowers. A huge range of fairtrade products are now available including many which surprised me, Gold wedding rings, cotton T shirts, underwear, footballs, garden tools,

Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Market
The 7th Fairtrade Market was a great success again and took place on 28th November 2014 in St John's RC Church hall Horsham.  We hosted traders with fairtrade products from all over the world.  Lots of visitors found Christmas presents which not only delighted their family and friends but also helped bring a fairer society to third world countries.  Producers of Fairtrade products are paid a price which allows for sustainable farming and provides sponsorship to the local community for projects such as schooling. 

The Cafe made over £260 for Medicins san Frontierres which is a major organisation combatting the Ebola outbreak.

Games and Information stall. 
Sparks in the Park took place in Horsham Park on Sunday July 13th 2014 from 12 until 5pm.  To celebrate this year's theme of the 400th anniversary of the St. Leonard's dragon we had a name the Dragon and list the fairtrade products game.  The frendly dragon was eating a fairtrade banana and enjoying being clothed in postit scales.  147 children took part in the game while thieir parents engaged in discussions about fairtrade and it's effect on improving third world communities, providing a decent living standard where the children no longer have to work so they have time to go to the schools which the Fairtrade premium has provided.

Fairtrade Christmas Market on Saturday November 29th 2013. 
Another excellent market with over 20 stalls providing unusual Fairtrade products from all over the world.  Certainly a happy event where all the profits from the cafe went to Medicins Sans Frontiers, the medical staff who go into crisis zones and help the desparately ill.

St John's RC Church had Fairtrade Fortnight stall on Sunday March 23rd in St John's Church Hall (where we hold the Christmas Market.) They sold The Real Easter Egg and gifts for Mothers Day.  Fairtrade Tea and coffee was also served.

London Road Methodist Church held a coffee morning and sale of Traidcraft fairtrade goods. Throughout the fortnight we had an information stand in the vestibule, and posters on most notice boards (materials from the FT Church's Action Pack). London Road remains solidly Fairtrade.

St Robert Southwell RC school had a great event for FT Fortnight:
The children:
> Encouraged their families to buy more Fairtrade products
> Made delicious recipes with Fairtrade ingredients
> Learned about the lives of Fairtrade farmers
> Paraded round local streets dressed as Fairtrade workers and products, delivering flyers to houses promoting the Fairtrade "Stick with Foncho To Make Bananas Fair in 2014" petition 


Horsham Oxfam Shop - along with all Oxfam shops that sell food - Offered  20% off all regular Fairtrade food during Fairtrade Fortnight from 24th February to the 9th March 2014.

 Of course, the producers still receive the full price. Oxfam wants to increase our sales long term by raising awareness of the good things we sell from coffee and chocolate to dried mango from Burkina Faso. We also sell a range from Palestine including olive oil and za'ataar.

 Fairtrade Christmas Market
30 November 2013.

St John's RC Church Hall.
10am to 4pm.
Returned for the 6th year and was an ideal place to buy ethical Christmas presents. 

Presents which support communities throughout the World. 

Just North of the Shelly fountain.  
The Horsham Fairtrade Christmas market was the biggest Fairtrade market in the area, with goods from all continents available.

The Café made £250 for Medecins Sans Frontieres, which provides medical services to third world and war torn countries.

Download Horsham Fairtrade Market Poster

download Xmas Market Flyer

download Trader's Application

Some of the traders who have come to the Horsham Fairtrade Christmas Markets.

Cambodian Handicraft Association.
Created Gifts (Tearcraft) Rehoboth Baptist Chruch
Eyes of Gaia  Amazonian Crafts
Fairly Covered. Bedding
Hatti Trading. handbags, scarves, silver.
Hlonighiswese Empowerment Group (Ladies Cooperative.) Jewellery and Keyrings.
Jiva Fair Trading woolly hats, socks, gloves
KAANA Necklaces, bracelts and earrings made out of recycled paper
Kolkata stationery, ornaments, knitwear.
Korsiga jewellery, paintings, crafts, clothes, djeoibe drums.
Love That Stuff Jewellery, scarves, hats, metal animals.
Opportunities Through Trade. Packaged food, craft, clothes, cards, jewellery.
Peridata Wooden carvings from Argentina
Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation  Rwandan Crafts.
Shelly Bell  mafana bags and baskets.
Turkris Cakes homemade fairtrade cakes, cupcakes, Cakes/loaves theme for Xmas
Vandevi Ltd.
FT Xmas Market 2010
credit John Lines/The Resident

Sparks in the Park 28th July (Noon to 5pm)
Fairtrade Horsham joined in the fun and entertainment for this years main event for Horsham Festival.  The Fairtrade stall offered free Fairtrade samples, Fairtrade games and information for all ages. 
A big thankyou to the COOP and Waitrose for the Fairtrade chocolate and Orange juice which was eagerly sampled on the Fairtrade Horsham Stall.

There wasa Fairtrade Fortnight stall in the Hall at St John's RC Church, Springfield Road, this Sunday March 10th from 10am until 12:30pm.We sold the Real Easter Egg, mini eggs, Easter cards plus fairtrade tea, coffee, biscuits etc.

Fairtrade Fortnight 25th February - 11th March 

Following the Big Fairtrade Bake-off at the Farmers' Market on 23rd February, the winning cake was on the menu at The Corn Stores throughout Fairtrade Fortnight. 

There were also Fairtrade products in the new Beneficial Health store in Lower Street. Kevin and Christine stock a wide range of Fairtrade products and offered tasting sessions during the Fortnight.


St Mary's School held a Fairtrade Tea Party from 2 – 3 pm on Wednesday 27th February.The highlight of the afternoon was a talk by Henry Matenda, a sugar cane producer from Malawi. There was also Fairtrade tea or coffee and cakes baked by the children, using Fairtrade ingredients.


Henry Matenda is visiting as a guest of the Fairtrade Foundation and gave talks and attended events all over the South East. He was in West Sussex for three days for the following events:

            Tuesday 26th February 8 – 10 pm Presentation at Norfolk Arms, Arundel

            Thursday 28th February 7 pm Presentation at Sidney Walter Centre, Worthing

 Do look out for Fairtrade when you shop and consider swapping some of the items in your basket or trolley for Fairtrade alternatives.

Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 25th February to Sunday 10th March) proposed events:

·         Adur – Events in 2 different schools proposed with Henry Matenda .
·         Pulborough – FT Bake-off at the Farmers Market on Sat 23rd February. The winning cake was on display at the Corn Store, Pulborough. There will also be FT tasting in 'Beneficial Health' shop during FT fortnight.
·         Worthing – 2 competitions for local children to coincide with their new directory: 1)    Find the 10 FT products in shop windows.2)    Make an A3 FT collage  - 'What does FT mean to me?' This will also be done by some Ghanain children- there is a link via a Ghanain ginger producer.Entries are planned to be displayed in the cafe in St Paul's building, Chapel Road, Worthing.
·         Chichester – Held Assemblies in schools.
·         Burgess Hill – FT Festival 2nd - 17th March see www.burgesshillfreedomfestival.com
·         Arundel – Teas at  seed swop on 24th February.

25/02/2013 - 09/03/2013
All Day
‘Go Further for Fair Trade - the exhibition’ runs Monday 25th Feb - Saturday 9th March
Jubilee Library, Brighton
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
‘Town of Runners’
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
27th Fair Trade Wine Tasting at Falmer Bar
Falmer Bar, University of Sussex Student Union, Brighton
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Fair Trade Cocktail Night at Falmer Bar
Falmer Bar, University of Sussex Student Union, Brighton
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Fairtrade Firsthandwith Henry Matenda,Malawi sugar cane farmer
Jubilee Library, Brighton
All Day
Quiz and game in Mithras House Restaurant for a chance to win Fairtrade chocolate!
Mithras House, University of Brighton, Brighton
11:00 am - 7:00 pm
'Go Further...Go Fair’ in Hove
The Southern Co-operative Store, Brighton

Fairtrade Christmas Market 8th Dec 2012.

The Barn, The Causeway, Horsham. RH12 1HE
10am to 4pm.
This great new venue is well known to locals for its old world atmosphere, an ideal place to buy ethical Christmas presents.  Presents which support communities throughout the World.  Just a short walk between the Old Town Hall and the Norman Church, The Barn is situated on the West side of the most picturesque street in Horsham, The Causeway.   
The Horsham Fairtrade Christmas market is the biggest Fairtrade market in the area, with goods from all continents available. 

More then Gold liturgy for the Olympics
 Tuesday July 24th at 8pm at St John's Church Hall  (3 Springfield Road, Horsham) 
We prayrf for peace and social justice for the duration of the Olympics. The service included prayers for peace, for the homeless, for an end to human trafficking, for the protection of the environment and for Fair Trade.
With guest speaker
 Ignatio Bokosi from Malawi.

Fairtrade Fortnight 27th February - 11th March 2012

This event list will be updated as events are arranged.

Fairtrade - Cyclists Touring Club West Sussex bike rides.

Bike rides suitable for beginners were arranged from Horsham, Chichester and Worthing to promote Fairtrade and cycling throughout West Sussex on March 3rd 2012.

These introductory bike rides were suitable for cyclists of all abilities and were lead by experienced CTC event leaders, who ensured that the rides are enjoyed by all. 


Start/End:  Esquires Coffee House. The Forum, Horsham,
RH12 1PQ, West Sussex.

12 cyclisats met at 10:45 for an 11am start on 3rd March.

Return at 12:30 for refreshments at Esquires.


Grand Fairtrade Cycle Ride had 15 cyclists cycling from  Westgate Leisure Centre, Chichester, West Sussex.  They had a good ride and cycled to Bosham Co-op and returned to Christ Church South Street Chichester.  Great ride, great time. 

 Contact Fairtrade Chichester 01243 532910 Lizcamplinguk@hotmail.com

Burgess Hill. 

Sussex Nomads had a fairtrade bike ride to Horsham, (Esquires) and really enjoyed the ride through the torrential rain.


About 30 riders organised by Quest Adventure Bike Shop cycled from Worthing.


3rd March Fairtrade Breakfast, 9:30 to 11:30,
St John's Catholic Church, Horsham. 

Previous Fairtrade Christmas Markets.

The Fair Trade Christmas Market in St. John's RC Church Hall on Saturday 10th December 2011 was a great success.  It was our 6th great Fairtrade Market with a wonderful collection of unusual and interesting fairtrade products from around the world.  As well as the twenty stalls, Fairtrade coffee and cakes were enjoyed by all.  It was so good Father Christmas came to buy some presents for the children.


Horsham's biggest ethical Christmas Market with up to 20 different traders.  It was the perfect place buy Christmas presents.

This is a list of the traders who came on 10th December 2011. 


Fairtrade Xmas Market 2010
Fairtrade Xmas Market 2010
credit John Lines/The Resident
FT Xmas Market 2010
credit John Lines/The Resident
FT Xmas Market 2010
credit John Lines/The Resident
FT Xmas Market 2010
credit John Lines/The Resident
FT Xmas Market 2010
credit John Lines/The Resident

The Fairtrade events have helped to increase the use of Fairtrade products in Horsham.  Every increase in adoption of Fairtrade products reduces the poverty and increases well being of third world producers.

Fairtrade has a positive influence on the whole world.

Increase in the use of Fairtrade.

6 cafes in Horsham offered some Fairtrade drinks
17 cafes offer some Fairtrade drinks in Horsham
9 shops stocked some Fairtrade in Horsham
20 shops stock some Fairtrade in Horsham
There were no Fairtrade churches in Horsham
There are 19 Fairtrade certificated Churches in Horsham
There were 834 Fairtrade products available nationally
There are over 3,000 Fairtrade products available nationally
UK sales of Fairtrade were £194 million pa
UK sales of Fairtrade are £880 million pa
4.5 million farmers benefited world wide
7 million farmers benefit worldwide

Buying goods with the Fairtrade mark ensures Third World producers get a fair price for their products.

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