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Horsham retailers and Fairtrade

It is essential that as wide a range of Fairtrade goods are available in Horsham shops as possible – without the opportunity to buy the products there can be no growth allowing more producers in the third world to benefit from the scheme.

The range of goods available locally has grown enormously in the last few years.  See our latest directory for details.

Small retailers can have problems sourcing the goods from their usual suppliers.  The Fairtrade Foundation produces a directory of suppliers of Fairtrade goods.

Follow the link:

If you have problems you could also contact us to see if we have any suggestions of sources.

Please let us know when you increase you Fairtrade range so that we can update our directory and keep people informed of what you sell.

Fair-traded Zaytoun products supporting Palestinian farmers are available from anne.brewer@phonecoop.coop or 01372 456421. Usually in stock are 5litre cans and 500ml bottles of the olive oil, medjool dates and olive oil soaps. Other products can be obtained if required but with some delay.  You can collect from Dorking Quaker Meeting House or arrangement can be made to get the order to Horsham Quaker Meeting House.

6 cafes in Horsham offered some Fairtrade drinks
17 cafes offer some Fairtrade drinks in Horsham
9 shops stocked some Fairtrade in Horsham
20 shops stock some Fairtrade in Horsham
There were no Fairtrade churches in Horsham
There are 19 Fairtrade certificated Churches in Horsham
There were 834 Fairtrade products available nationally
There are over 3,000 Fairtrade products available nationally
UK sales of Fairtrade were £194 million pa
UK sales of Fairtrade are £880 million pa
4.5 million farmers benefited world wide
7 million farmers benefit worldwide

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